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However, it is too expensive.

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There are still many stupid laws that are on the books.

Facing us, we see City Hall.

You should not do such a thing.

Pierette failed to heed warning signs.

I am wearing an orange t-shirt and green pants.

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I said I wouldn't tell her.


Now my life will be better!


According to Shannon, Josh killed herself.

I don't think he's gay. He's married and has three children.

Stanly was trampled by a wild hippopotamus.

Do you speak Kiribati?

Syllogism is a logical argument in which two propositions determine one conclusion.


Suzanne is not a lazy child.

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I admire your grit.

Please let me take a day off tomorrow.

Reid said he didn't learn anything at school today.


If you had not helped me, I would have failed.

"Just now, you were looking. You Peeping Jong,"she said angrily.

How long have you been seeing Chuck?

Who asked you to do this?

I couldn't protect her.


I'll keep trying.


I read the whole book in a day.


This bed is too hard to sleep on.

I have no self-esteem.

The road turns a bit to the west.

Three hours of driving has worn me out. Let's pull over at the next rest stop we see.

She's depressed and cuts herself.

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It is not good for your health to shut yourself in all day.

The mayor cut the ribbon with a pair of giant scissors.

I really liked that.


What a pleasure!

He's a thief, although he doesn't look like it.

She often sings when she does the washing up in the kitchen.

I want a cup of coffee, please.

He became a university student and got married.

The world's evil almost always comes from ignorance.

I doubt that Kazuhiro is happy.

What changed Sue's mind?

The wants something, but I'm not sure what.

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He is searching one of his friends.

No, I have a better idea.

But that's not the only reason for his arrest.

I can sell anybody anything.

Kee stared at the lava lamp for hours.


I punched two triangular holes in the tin.

Angela helped her mother decorate the Christmas tree.

I'm trying not to cry.

Lee brought an umbrella.

My car is a gas-hog.

I told Laurianne that he was a fool to let Sherman talk to him that way.

Did you tell Leslie what I told you to tell him?

So, my enemy, I won't let you attempt on the holy of holies of my heart, you will pay for it, I promise.

You don't need to pretend that you still like me.

The plan backfired on us and we lost a lot of money.

What may I eat?

The teacher warned us that the test would be difficult.

Is the bank open today?

Nothing makes sense anymore.

You should go to the FBI.


I'd approve both things.

I want to read this book.

The is thirty.

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I couldn't sleep.

Damone cheated on the geology exam.

I know very well who you are.

Don't get the wrong idea.

I can help Jingbai.

Leung has had a busy month.

So how do you propose we rectify the situation at hand?

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Andre hesitated to bring up the subject.

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Be watchful.

Ronni was still asleep.

How many instruments do you know how to play?

Can you count to one hundred in French?

Kolkka is not dead. He's alive and kicking.

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Why wouldn't they be happy?


He was beaten black and blue.

I'm concerned about him.

There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they'll make the mortgage, or pay their doctor's bills, or save enough for their child's college education.

We will make an exception of your case.

Why are you opposed to this?

This is very difficult for me.

I wasn't looking at you.

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He can ski just as well as his brother.

There's probably been a traffic accident.

A girl can be a tomboy.

Why is my brother so stupid?

They drink some beer.


Things came to a head at the weekend when Jeffrey found out that Marci had been having an online affair.

I would appreciate any information you can send to us.

Keep quiet.

Go back to where you belong.

Oh no, there are more straight ahead!

Dan met with Linda in a park.

I'm definitely not going back to Boston.

Meehan has a big box full of bits and pieces in my attic.

Praise the Lord!

I hope Mason is feeling OK.

It's a temporary condition.

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Someone turned us in.

At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do.

I'm not doing anything tomorrow night.

Josh counted the money.

Marshall came here a long time ago.

My parents have only one vehicle.

All of us speak English.

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His death made all feel sorry.


I love both cats and dogs.


I don't want to read the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The teacher told his pupils not to forget that lesson.

Why don't you thank your wife a little?

She pasted a notice on the wall.

Your voice is strange. What's wrong?


It's a very large property.


Now I'll finally be able to get some sleep.

Do you believe in the one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church?

Delbert seems to have his mind on something else.

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It must have slipped my mind.

I cannot help laughing to hear such a story.

More than an hour went by before the train started to move.

This woman is haunted by a spirit.

Marvin and I were both happy.


I cannot cook as well as my mother does.


Jef appreciated Vistlik's kindness.

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Will you please go there?

I have a right to be on this ship.

You seem to be very interested in Simon.

He circulated the letter among the members.

We shall leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

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Do you know where Jerald could have hidden his money?

My daughter sings in the choir.

I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt's advancement.

I've disobeyed them.

The war made the country poor.

They did not know what to do first.

He will pass the coming examination.

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Walter talks like an old man.

We are looking for each other.

You have to take care of the planet.

My sister does not think for herself.

You're number one!

Sangho is extremely agitated.

Part was with us.

I needed just that.

We didn't notice.

He smiled at the girl.

The Masai people drink a mixture of milk and cattle blood.

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Annie works at home.


Cyrus took one of the books off the shelf.

I hope Sharon is OK.

They shot down thirty-six enemy planes.


You can do it like this.


We should ask them.

I've never lied to them.

Have you tried that before?


Todd gets a really high salary.

Winter brings many good things, but also bad things.

We'll have to find Raj ourselves.